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Post by Rhptsrhc on Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:59 pm

So... you decided to opt into War. Awesome! Here are a few guideline's we would like you to follow:

1) Complete both attacks!
--- Failure to do final attack results in demotion (unless you are just a member, then it's removal from the Clan)
--- Failure to do both attacks will result in instant removal from the Clan.
Exceptions to this rule are as followed:
----- Family emergencies (must contact leadership ASAP)
----- Bottom 5 may be exempt from this rule if TH7 and under, equal and lower has been 3 starred. if no formal information is posted during war, then rule #1 stands without exceptions.

2) First attack should be on your equal number, OR a TH of same level.. (example: #10 in War is TH8, but opposing team #10 is TH9. you may hit lower to an equal TH level). If you believe you can destroy an opponent that is of higher number to yourself, then by all means attack.

3) Second attack should be a 3 star or a clean up attack. (this means lower accounts that have stars left)

4) All attacks must be taken seriously. Players who waste attacks due to rule #1 may get removed from the Clan.

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