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Q: to become a member, do I have to register to this forum?
A: at this current point in time, it is not a requirement. but to be able to apply without knowing an Elder, Co-Leader, or Leader you do need to register to leave a PM.

Q: can anyone join Archer Rush!!!?
A: Not quite, though we don't have any TH requirements, we don't allow those with active war clocks or extreme rushed accounts to entre.

Q: how do I become a member?
A: it is invite only, so click HERE to send a PM to the current applications coordinator. Please include your Clash of Clan user handle and identification code. You must register with this forum to send application.

Q: do I have to be opted into war?
A: nope, but if you are opted out of war there are some rules you must follow. Click HERE for more information.

Q: i'm opted into war, are there rules I should follow?
A: Yes. click HERE for donation requirements, or HERE for war information.

Q: if I'm opted into war, can I be in every war?
A: I would like to say yes, but sometimes if we need to loose a person or two to make numbers you might find you are the one dropped. but our friendly team of co-leaders will strive to make everyone happy.

Q: how to I become an elder?
A: if you are opted into war, you become an elder on your attacks. if you are opted out of wars then you will become an elder on your donation quantities.

Q: how do I become a Co-Leader?
A: don't ask... if we want you to become a Co-Leader, we will approach you.

Q: can I donate any troops?
A: only if that's what is requested. otherwise donate what was asked for.

Q: can I only request max troops?
A: though we don't encourage it for farming due to not all TH9's being able to donate max troops and there being a donation requirement as stated in OPTED IN OR OUT, we do expect it of people who are in an active war.

Q: someone donated me wrong troops, what do I do?
A: let a co-leader know who (if you were able to see there name), what the troops were, and there level's so that we may investigate more. if we find out it was someone who has had multiple warnings in the past, they will be disposed of.

Q: i requested troops but then changed my mind on what type and posted it under the request... but still got incorrect troops, what do I do?
A: if you received troops that matched your original request... then remove those troops and request again, sometimes it's easy to just hit the green toggle and miss any request changes. otherwise follow the incorrect troop donated as described above.

Q: how private is my personal information on this forum?'
A: as private as you make it. though admins can't view passwords (but can create a temporary password) we are able to view the email address that is used on joining the forum. we will never share this information to other people within our control. current admins are: Rhptsrhc, Akul

Q: what is a clean up war?
A: a clean up war is a tool we use to opt in all players (regardless of opted status) to remove those who are inactive to create room in the clan.

Q: not everyone is opted into the clean up war, why not?
A: there are some exempt from clean up. opted out Leaders, Co-Leaders, and those on the Veterans list posted in the welcome section.

TH = Town Hall
user handle = Clash of Clans name
identification code = the code located below your Clash of Clans name in the profile section

got a question that needs answered? think we missed a question that should be here? please visit HERE and leave your feedback.

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